Long Overdue Driveway Overhaul

Have had quite a few problems with the driveway getting washed out this year.  Much of it due to the much higher than normal rainfall but also that the ditches on the long driveway really were in need of work.  I typically ask Bob the Farmer what he would do and who he would recommend and he pointed me to Brandon, owner of BZ Excavating, a local firm.  It was actually a lot more work than I originally had thought having never dealt with anything like this before.  They ended up putting in 3 new culverts and replacing two older culverts with a large 30 inch culvert that is 30 ft long instead of the normal 20 ft.  I couldn’t be happier with the result.  Right after they finished we received at least 2-3 weeks where each week had significant rainfall, some of it in the form of deluges.  Never had any wash outs, and the new ditches look and are working incredibly well.  Below are a few shots of the project.  I highly recommend Brandon, no non-sense kind of guy and very straightforward.