Thanksgiving 2022 We had a very nice Thanksgiving this year, everyone here but Emily. Patty started early in the week making sides and generally preparing the feast, the picture below is from the evening before. Me & Patty started the day by attending Mass and giving thanks to God for everything we’ve been blessed with, which is quite a bit.

here Due to popular demand we decided to go ahead and fry two of the turkeys and bake the third traditionally. Since we had the fryer out we ended up also deep frying french fries and onion rings and boy were they good!! There was also a request for kaiser buns so we ordered some from a local bakery.

click here While we were frying food the farmer began harvesting the soy beans, boy does that guy work hard. Short video below. With the food prepared we sat down for our traditional meal and I made a little speech on everything we had to be grateful for, although I’m sure I missed a number of items. I didn’t realize it but Patrick was recording the whole thing, see below.

watch The kids brought sides that were delicious, Paul & Colleen brought mashed potatoes and Maddy & Dennis brought Mac’N’Cheese, neither of which lasted very long. After dinner we all were pretty much in a ‘turkey comma’. A few other pictures from dinner time below, click to enlarge.


watch It was such a nice evening we got the small fire pit going and sat out on the back hill. The Delaney’s came over and we traded stories and generally caught up. When it was time to go in I noticed that the farmer was STILL harvesting. He ended up staying until about 1am.

First Annual Friends-Giving We invited a bunch of folks from St. Patrick’s over for our first annual Springfield Farm Friends-Giving this past weekend. My brothers Mark & Steve came over Friday to “prep” for the first day of hunting.

Buy Diazepam Pills Online On Friday we set everything up, cleaned out the barn, setup a big screen TV with chairs, kerosene heater, etc. and gave it a tryout Friday evening.

watch We all went out on the UTV and gathered downed wood to use for our usual large bonfire.

Order Valium Next Day Delivery We started frying the turkeys at 10am with a target guest arrival of noon. This was the first time I’ve fried turkey in at least 5 years but all went well with Patty prepping the birds and my brothers assisting with the frying operation.

Buy Diazepam From India Folks started arriving at noon and very quickly it became quite busy, kids riding scooters and bikes on the driveway, hay rides, chowing down on a very large amount of food, folks brought some delicious dishes. And of course the bonfire, cuz, well, we’re all pyros at heart. Below are pictures of a large number of minivans parked, and people generally chowing down.

One of the hay rides before heading off.

go to link Patty hid letters around the yard/house for the kids to do a scavenger hunt and the Radel sisters helped “ride herd” on the process. Kids really liked it. Below is the result, although there was one letter I found later stuck by the garage??

Scavenger Hunt Results I took a bunch of guests on a tour of the property, trying to give a flavor for the local history and the family that owned the property for so long. Here are a few pictures from the game camera of the tours. Looks like Matt, Rob and their wives & kids had a blast riding the ATVs.

Order Valium Online When it started getting dark we lit up the Christmas lights for the first time.

Buy Xanax 2Mg Bars By the time it got dark we were pretty much gathered around the bonfire. My wife tells me I fell asleep before everyone left, but I’m pretty sure she is wrong.

Patty’s 57th Birthday We celebrated Patty’s 57th birthday today. All but Emily was able to make it, the star of course was grandson Harvey. Tried out the new 10×20 cabana pool side, shade was just right.

go to link Hung out in the pool catching up with the kids. Ace showed off his new swimming skills chasing a ball thrown into the pool.

click here Did our traditional happy birthday song too!

see url

Rifle Sight-in & Pool Party

source site What originally started as a meet-up with St. Patrick’s friends to sight in rifles thankfully blossomed into a full-on summer pool party with a number of wonderful families from St. Patrick’s church. Big thanks to Ryan H. for helping to organize.

click here Late Friday afternoon I thought it was just going to be Ryan and one family, but it seemed to quickly escalate that evening, which is fantastic. Since the pool was built by a swimming pool builder, we’ve been talking about doing this all summer and we just never seemed to be able to get our act together. Friday night Patty asked me casually how many people were coming, I said, well, I think at least 3 or 4 families and I’m pretty sure they have a minimum of 3-4 kids each. That perked her up! Us guys were planning to just order pizza or the like, but the wives pretty much took over the food and got sandwiches, chips, drinks, etc. Much better than if the guys had organized. Rifle site-in went well, although a little hot. Found out Ryan has an incredibly steady shot! It was a big surprise to see Adam W. and his family come and make an appearance with baby Alphonsus, who was literally just released from the hospital! Unfortunately neither me or Patty took pictures so I snagged some shots off our home security system, click, to enlarge. You can see the pool was a big hit, but so was “atv tour”, and the bonfire.

We’ll have to do this again the weekend before we close the pool for maintenance via professionals like Energy Efficient Pool Pump Manufacturers.

Snowblower Arrived

I concede that I will likely not use this very often, but I want to be ready when I do need it. The driveway is 1/2 mile long and if it isn’t cleared there is a valid safety concerns if 911 ever had to get to the house.

I purchased a WoodMax SB-72, a 72″ wide PTO driven blower made in Buffalo, NY. Here is the link:

Delivery company said it was going to arrive last Friday but of course it didn’t arrive until after the storm. Trucking company left it on the pallet at the gate. The package weighs in at almost 1000 pounds so in addition to the pallet forks I put on my bush hog for some counterbalance weight.

By the time I was done I had move three front attachments and two rear attachments in order to get at everything I needed and put the tractor back into snow clearing mode. With a strong northwest wind blowing I’ll wait a day or two to assemble this beast.

Burn Baby, Burn!

Just as the snow started I started lighting up the four piles of brush. Three of them really burned well, the fourth not so much. I called the county EMS first to notify them in case any neighbors started calling 911. Three of the piles were mostly cedar trees and really burned well, after I splashed them with a bunch of diesel. Aside from making sure the fires don’t get out of control, the biggest task with brush piles this big is constantly pushing the burning pieces into an ever smaller pile to keep things nice and hot and maintain the burn. Even though it was snowing quite heavily and then ended up raining the piles were still smoking the next morning. I spent all day pushing the piles up. Temperature outside was 18f most of the day and by evening I was spent.