HQ-2 Project Kicking into High Gear

The project to re-furbish the gray house for use as my office has kicked into high gear. Love this contractor too, flexible and extremely detail oriented. I’m getting some idea of how much I don’t know about this stuff.

Move-in Day for the Hens

Today is the day we move the hens into the newly finished chicken tractor. They looked so happy to be out in the fresh air. At the end of the day the idea is they go up the ramp and roost inside at night and we close the ramp up to protect them from predators. About 4-5 of the hens decided they would roost on the ground, probably take a while for them to get the flick. Either that or something will snatch them.

Had a fun time with the wife wrangling the hens in the coop and moving them in.