Gate is Complete

After three months, the gate is mostly finished.  There are a few configuration items in the gate mechanism that still need to be addressed, but the structure and landscaping are complete and the gate mechanism is functional.

One item not installed yet is a video camera tied into the homes realtime video recording system.  We’ll be able to see who is at the gate and monitor the system if necessary.  I’m going to install the wireless network system to bring the home network up to the gate.  You can see the red barn in the distance, I’ll mount one wireless transmitter there and another on a pole at the gate.

Here are a few pictures looking at the gate from different angles.

Looking from the outside on Old Office Rd

Keypad on the left can call up to three numbers and can be remotely programmed.

Driving up to the gate from the inside

Mailbox is a welcome addition, still need to get the address number installed