New Batch of Guineas

Buy Diazepam From Uk Ordered 36 guinea eggs of varying colors and hatched them in the incubator. Unfortunately only 16 hatched, but that is still plenty for us.

Buy Generic Valium 10Mg As part of this new batch I moved the guinea ‘house’ across the hall in the barn so that they can eventually free range from the lower part of the barn instead of through the area we keep the tractor, avoiding a huge mess. ¬†Below are a few shots of the build-out process and end result.


Pond & Dam Work Phase II They came in for almost a week this time to clear out more sediment, direct stream and spring flows, and prepare for the final clean-out in the fall.

source site IMG_3928 IMG_3929 IMG_3932 IMG_3945 IMG_3947 IMG_3946 IMG_3944 IMG_3938 IMG_3943 IMG_3940

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