Wood Splitting, a Family Affair

Finally cut up and split a Chestnut Oak that had fallen down about a year ago. It took WAY longer then I thought it would, but the wood will be really good in a year or two. About 24% water content now. We filled the entire wood shed that Patrick built last summer and put the rest up on pallets.

Compost Bins Assembled & Primed

Built three 4’x4′ compost bins from cedar logs. FINALLY finished them, started in December but came down with flu and then pneumonia and just never got back to them. Assembled using mortis and tenon, a little time consuming but I like the look. We pulled in some old hay bails for the brown layers, mowed some fresh grass clippings for the green layers and put it all together. Hoping for some nicely finished compost in the late summer/fall.

Raised Bed Construction Completed

Finished constructing all 9 raised beds, filled them with dirt, roughed in the irrigation, and put down 3-4″ of playground mulch on the walkways. Fencing is due to be installed on May 17th. Wife has already planted several of these and installed some nifty row covers since its still kinda cold out.

Put the Chipper to Work

Had Michael saw off all of the low hanging branches from the cedar trees lining the road to the gray house. What I thought was a few branches turned out to be ALOT more then I had imagined. Michael pulled them all into a pile and while Patty trimmed them into more manageable pieces I ran them through the chipper I purchased at auction last year. We ended up spreading the cedar mulch around the giant oak tree at the top of the ‘bowl’.

Last Snow…Hopefully

This should be the last snowstorm of the winter we are hoping, we need to get some dry days so we can get going on planting, etc. It was very picturesque though.