Trees Down Had three large trees removed from the front yard in preparation for a large hardscaping project. Normally I cut trees down myself but these were way too close to the pool and house to chance it. The black walnut tree was not rotten on the inside and I’m saving the trunk to cut into slabs at some point, see picture far below.


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Wild Flower Bed Used the single bottom plow and disc harrow to build what will hopefully be a wild flower bed. Using the single bottom plow for such a narrow bed was much more difficult then I thought. Took many passes to get it turned over and then at least 25 passes with the disc harrow to break it down. Wish I had a tiller to really get it broken up, but I didn’t plan for that. In fact what I thought would take an hour at most took about 4 hours and the result looks kinda mediocre in my opinion. The true test will be to see whether the seeds sprout and survive. Planted echinacea, calendula, sun flowers, borage, and a few other flowering plants.