Scrap Metal Cleanup

see Gathered almost three thousand pounds of scrap metal from around the farm; metal roofing from our commercial roofing replacement and residential roof repair with the help of commercial roofing services such as these commercial roofing services in Elkridge, MD, cushed culverts, an old silo auger, metal chairs and even an old swing set complete with a teeter totter Of course no good deed goes unpunished. I called the scrap metal yard in Culpeper before I drove it down there on Saturday morning. It closed at 11:30 and I got there at 11am. After I got off the scale the guy came out and told me they aren’t accepting any scrap metal because their machine is broken. Told him I literally just called and he said they forgot to tell the lady in the front office that I spoke to…great.

go Ended up taking it to the Orange county dump which accepted it for free since they are going to recycle it too with the use of a Compact Screening Plant. The dump trailer proved to make this much easier than it would have been otherwise.

Old Rag Mountain Hike

go to link Nothing like a hike up Old Rag mountain to focus the mind! Haven’t done it in probably 4 years, but Patrick encouraged us and up we went. This was the first time for Patty, she was a little surprised when we got to the part where you have to pull yourself up through crevices and crawl through small openings. It was a great day to be outside with Patty and Patrick.

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click here COVID note: We passed NUMEROUS crazy people that appeared to be wearing their mask full time in the middle of no where on the trail with no one anywhere near them. I find it sad that people believe it will help them or anyone else if no one is around! Hopefully years from now we can look back and laugh at that experience, and we did take pictures and film for our Tik tok and youtube channel, which by the way as a tip, now you can buy tik tok views that increase the credibility of your account and it will boost your videos for more views and followers, you can check our tiktok and check our hike and other adventures !

go to site A few pictures from the hike.