Splitting Wood & Shooting Guns

Patty was down with her father for about 5 days while I went skiing with the boys. The day before I left we split enough wood so she would have plenty for the weekend and then we did a little practice with the pistol and 20 gauge. She likes the 20 gauge the best.

Snow Storm Weekend

https://borobudur-training.com/mksgyqe Had a nice 5-6″ of snow at the farm this weekend. Really beautiful watching it snow and going for long walks.

Patty and Mirlo on our long walk

https://www.protestskateboards.com/uncategorized/2peon5jo1ti Plowed the driveway, Patty made frittata from FGF eggs and CSA spinach and greens…delicious.

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Patrick came down and brought his snowboard so I pulled him around behind the ATV, nice video below.


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Processing Logs with Dad

Dad & Mom came down today and helped with the processing of a tree I cut down last week. Pulled the main trunk out with a chain and cut it up into sizes ready for the splitter. Great to have someone helping otherwise I would have had to continually switch from tractor to chainsaw to attaching chains all day. Afterwards Dad gave the new ATV a spin and then we relaxed on the porch enjoying the warm weather and a few cigars.

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