Brush Pile Burning Time

After 2+ weeks of rain/mist/clouds today was the perfect day to light up the brush pile we’ve been accumulating for the past year.  Not the biggest one I’ve torched, but a decent size.  After calling Orange County EMS center and the neighbors to notify them about my plans I proceeded to douse the pile in diesel and light it up!  Took a while to really get it going as it was really wet, but once it got going it burned  until late in the night and was smoking all the next day.

Food Plots

FINALLY found time to plow/disc/fertilize and plant some food plots on the property.  I bought a really nice single bottom plow off Craigs List and after some adjustments worked really well.  Unfortunately there was a buried tree stump half-way through the area I was going to plant which immediately broke the shear pin and put an abrupt halt to my plowing activities.  I ended up only discing the other half, so this will be a good test of how much soil prep is necessary.

I planted turnips, and a mixture of rye/clover/brassica.  Lots of rain this week so I’m hoping to see a good crop coming up soon.

Cleaned & Organized Garage

Took us two days, me providing labor and my lovely wife doing the organizing.  This was LONG overdue, stuff has slowly but surely accumulated over the past 7 years with little thought going into organization and whether it even belonged in the garage in the first place.  The workbench was the worst part!  Now look at it, you can actually find things.  Patty bought clear storage bins, organized and labeled, just outstanding.  I’ve been able to find things I forgot I even had!

Patty’s Birthday Weekend

Had almost everyone down for Patty’s birthday which coincided with labor day.  Had the pool temperature cranked up for the birthday girl, 94f!  Had a huge bonfire Friday evening to kick off the weekend.

The evening of the birthday celebration turned rainy, which I thought was going to be disappointing, but it turned out completely different.   We all sat on the porch talking, sharing stories, and later did the same around the kitchen table.  I liked that, and Patty said the same, a very nice weekend.

That is Beepa peeking from the back.
The requisite bonfire!