Chimney Demolition Done

enter Finished taking both chimneys down to the floor level and patched the roof. It was quite a bit bigger task than I had envisioned, but I’m sure glad its done. The house looks strange now… Now to figure out how to best remove that load bearing wall…

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Chimney Demolition Weekend The big task this weekend with the ongoing Gray House refurb project was to remove the chimney on the right side and patch the roof hole. Started on Friday with the above-roof portion, this took me until it was pretty much dark. I was rushing at the end to beat a pending rainstorm.

follow On Saturday me and my super-model wife rigged up a block and tackle to a roof joist and proceeded to deconstruct the chimney inside the house until it was roughly waist high. Was drenched in sweat by the time this was over. The back and shoulders will be sore tonight. See the progress and results below.