Barn->Gate Link & Gate Cameras Operational Have always wanted some cameras up at the front gate and finally got the link setup and the cameras installed. I used two Ubiquiti Networks Nanobeam AC devices to provide either end of the barn/gate link, about 1/2 mile apart. Product information here:

Order Valium Online The setup was incredibly simple, Ubiquiti provides a mobile app that allows you to basically configure one device as a typical WiFi access point and the other device as a client. You can change power, bandwidth, etc. Ubiquiti also provides a very helpful web page tool that allows you to place each device on a map and given the location and height they will tell you exactly which direction to point each unit and how many degrees to incline/decline. Below is a screenshot of that page for my link. Once the antennas are installed you use the mobile app to fine tune the pointing. You can also use the app to test the speed between the two locations, below is the best I’ve gotten, but I believe once the corn is harvested this will be better as I think the Fresnel cone is hitting the top third of the corn at one point. If I had put the gate antenna on a pole about 10 feet higher I think I could have gotten closer to the theoretical bandwidth of 544Mbps. Below is a screenshot of the speed test from the app, 100Mbps is quite adequate for two cameras.

Buy Generic Valium Online Finally, here are some shots of each end of the link and of the views from each of the cameras. Checking this morning my server hasn’t lost connection to either camera since I installed.