Beavers are Back!

I’ve been hoping the beavers would find their way back to the other side of Mine Run and fix the dam for the pond that used to be over there.  Well my wish has been granted, twice!  The beavers have fixed the dam on the pond that was there and also built a new dam that is backing water up into a new pond.  Me and Patrick found them while we were inspecting the new trails the forestry mulcher created.

Restocked the Pond with Baitfish

Took a trip up to Zett’s fish hatcher in WVA and picked up a load of baitfish to help with the pond balance.  Patty & Patrick helped me distribute the shiners, bull frog tadpoles, crayfish, snails, bull head minnows, and red minnows.  The fish were actually coming after them right after we put them in.

Spring has Sprung…Finally

After many false starts with lots of cold below freezing weather in-between, spring weather appears to finally be here.  We spent a busy weekend getting the place in shape.  The new  kubota zero-turn mower is a VERY nice addition.

Dad trimming around the fields

Patrick helping me load the new mower

Mom mowing the back hill

Queen Bootsie

Old apple tree by gray house

Getting rid of the cedars

Cutting New Trails

Hired Tommy to cut some trails in the back 30 acres, should have done this 2 years ago when the trees/brush were much shorter.  He has a Bobcat forestry cutter, and wow can that thing cut through the brush and trees, even grinded a number of stumps.  Below are a few shots of the resulting trails, a video of him starting and then a video of driving through the new trails.

Bobcat forestry cutter

Property line diagonal

Trail up to the hill where the knocked over deer stand is located.

Clearing at the top of the hill.