Chestnuts Are In!

Chestnuts have been dropping for a week now.  We’ve collected three times and put them in the freezer.  Not sure what to do with them yet.  There are a TON of them still left on the tree.


Weeds, Weeds, Weeds

So many weeds thrive here, way more then in suburbia.  Of particular annoyance is a vine-like grass called snake grass that gets into EVERYTHING.  We pulled out 2 full loads of weeds.  Look closely at the mound of weeds in the back of the UTV and still sitting on the driveway…backs are sore…ugh.

Mules Loose!

One of our neighbors has a pair of mules that got spooked and bolted over the fence onto our property.  They tried to find them but couldn’t locate them.  They came back at dusk in the hopes that they had calmed down and could be led home but to no avail.  However, when the couple went home they were surprised to find that the mules had made their way back and were safely in their pen!


Paul Jr Graduation Party

Had a slew of folks over to celebrate Paul’s graduation from VCU with a BS in Computer Science, a minor in Math and graduating Cum Laude.  Very impressed and happy parents!  Weather cooperated and I think everyone had a great time as can be seen in the pictures below.