Mules Loose!

One of our neighbors has a pair of mules that got spooked and bolted over the fence onto our property.  They tried to find them but couldn’t locate them.  They came back at dusk in the hopes that they had calmed down and could be led home but to no avail.  However, when the couple went home they were surprised to find that the mules had made their way back and were safely in their pen!


Paul Jr Graduation Party

Had a slew of folks over to celebrate Paul’s graduation from VCU with a BS in Computer Science, a minor in Math and graduating Cum Laude.  Very impressed and happy parents!  Weather cooperated and I think everyone had a great time as can be seen in the pictures below.

Caught another Snapper!

Saw a large turtle in the big pond 2 weeks ago and finally put in the trap last Thursday with two Gwaltney hotdogs as the bait.  This trap works really well for turtles as you can submerge most of it, and two sides open wide to let a big turtle get in.  When I got there today, lo and behold the trap was sprung and a big snapper was in it.  I called Jerry, a local mason, and he agreed to stop by and pick it up, evidently he makes a mean turtle soup, says they are very tasty!

Thats a big snapper, they just can’t resist Gwaltney hotdogs

Pool’s Open!

Opened the pool today, or rather my pool guy did, Chris Winder.  Pretty happy with how clear the water is when the cover was removed, you could actually see all the way to the bottom of the pool.  Now to get the solar cover on it, its a bit chilly at 61f…

Not bad for opening day, a little cloudy with some debris but you can see the bottom

A little chilly at 61f

The robot is going to be busy for a while

Metal Targets on Deck

Bought a number of metal targets for longer range practice.  Patrick and his friend helped me set them up.  The boys had a blast practicing the rest of the day.  Not many hits on the 500 yard targets though, but getting better.

Here we go!

From 200 yards, not bad boys

500yd targets, thats an ISIS head on the left


Eliminated the Groundhog Den Under The Porch

Been trying to get rid of this thing for a while now.  This one cost me $1,200 a few years back because the cut my electric line that runs the well pump.

Saw a large groundhog UP ON THE PORCH!  It ran round the porch and down under the steps.  I immediately got my tools, removed the steps  and alas, there was a huge hole going under the sidewalk cement.  Repeated the same drill as the last den, fill in all but one hole, in goes the flares, then fill in that hole.