Gray House Interior Demolition Phase 1

Completed the first phase of the interior demolition. About 4,000 pounds of waste was taken to the local dump. Two non-load bearing walls were removed and I managed to repurpose many of the 2x4s to build saw horses for later phases of the renovation. Now that all of the walls and roof beams have been exposed things appear to be in pretty good shape, better than I expected actually. There were two roof leaks which have since been patched. Pretty happy so far. Next phase is the removal of the chimneys…

Gray House Demo Begins

Spent the last half of the day starting the demolition of the gray house interior. Never done a project like this but I’m very interested to give it a try. The plan is to remove all of the wallboard (walls and ceiling) and see what shape the structure is in and how/if we can remove the various walls and open the inside. Ultimately we want to make it a guest house with all of the modern conveniences. Below is a before and a few afters. The structure so far appears to be in good shape. Lots of wasp and hornet nests in the walls, so good time to do it since they are dormant.

There is no insulation in the walls nor ceiling, the place had to be incredibly cold in the winter.

Nothing Better Than Winter Fire pit

Invigorating to be out in the crisp weather after being cooped up inside due to the foot surgery. Nothing like enjoying a cigar and watching a winter sunset with the lovely wife.