Post Thanksgiving Hunt + Crafting 2018

We came down Friday to hunt and had absolutely no luck, saw maybe one or two does, and everybody was waiting for a buck.  Here are a few shots of the hunters Patrick & Michael.

The weather Saturday turned into a gully washer, it simply rained ALL DAY LONG.   Not to worry though, as Patty & Madeline had crafts planned!  Madeline made scented candles, Patty made the herbal healing salve from comfrey, chickweed, plantain and another herb I can’t remember.   After that we all worked on making Christmas wreaths from a bunch of holly branches we cut from the property.  The wreaths were tedious and prickly but I think came out nicely.  While we were crafting Patrick decided to do a ‘walkabout’ in the pouring rain, hoping to see a buck, but had no luck.