Snowblower Arrived I concede that I will likely not use this very often, but I want to be ready when I do need it. The driveway is 1/2 mile long and if it isn’t cleared there is a valid safety concerns if 911 ever had to get to the house.

go I purchased a WoodMax SB-72, a 72″ wide PTO driven blower made in Buffalo, NY. Here is the link:

click here Delivery company said it was going to arrive last Friday but of course it didn’t arrive until after the storm. Trucking company left it on the pallet at the gate. The package weighs in at almost 1000 pounds so in addition to the pallet forks I put on my bush hog for some counterbalance weight.

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go to site By the time I was done I had move three front attachments and two rear attachments in order to get at everything I needed and put the tractor back into snow clearing mode. With a strong northwest wind blowing I’ll wait a day or two to assemble this beast.

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