Thanksgiving 2022

Cheap Xanax 2Mg We had a very nice Thanksgiving this year, everyone here but Emily. Patty started early in the week making sides and generally preparing the feast, the picture below is from the evening before. Me & Patty started the day by attending Mass and giving thanks to God for everything we’ve been blessed with, which is quite a bit.

source url Due to popular demand we decided to go ahead and fry two of the turkeys and bake the third traditionally. Since we had the fryer out we ended up also deep frying french fries and onion rings and boy were they good!! There was also a request for kaiser buns so we ordered some from a local bakery. While we were frying food the farmer began harvesting the soy beans, boy does that guy work hard. Short video below. With the food prepared we sat down for our traditional meal and I made a little speech on everything we had to be grateful for, although I’m sure I missed a number of items. I didn’t realize it but Patrick was recording the whole thing, see below.

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see The kids brought sides that were delicious, Paul & Colleen brought mashed potatoes and Maddy & Dennis brought Mac’N’Cheese, neither of which lasted very long. After dinner we all were pretty much in a ‘turkey comma’. A few other pictures from dinner time below, click to enlarge.

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follow link It was such a nice evening we got the small fire pit going and sat out on the back hill. The Delaney’s came over and we traded stories and generally caught up. When it was time to go in I noticed that the farmer was STILL harvesting. He ended up staying until about 1am.