Building our Garden

see This year we decided we would be able to spend enough time at the farm to properly take care of a vegetable garden.  After much research by my lovely wife and seeing the garden that Rose Hauling built, we decided on a raised bed garden initially with three 4’x12′ beds 22″ high. My initial thought was to simply stake out an area and plop these down in some basic design. I’m glad my wife pushed to make it more formal and to level the area out. I engaged Zack & August Edelberg from Orange to come out and level a spot over by the barn. When they were finished I’m so glad we went the extra step, it looks nicer and will end up being more functional. Below are some shots of project. When they were finished leveling I spread a combination of white clover and perennial rye grass and covered it over with straw. We had Rose Hauling bring in 15 cubic yards of their organic garden soil so now we’re all prepared to setup the first three raised beds this next weekend.

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follow url Starting the leveling of the garden area.

source link Scraping away all of the top soil.

follow Seeded with dutch clover and perennial rye grass and covered with straw.

source site 15 cubic yards of organic top soil from Rose Hauling.