Annual Day after Thanksgiving Hunt

Third one! We shot and blew up lots of things, might be why the deer were a little scarce later on. We shot pistols, skeet, and long range rifle shots, which only one person actually hit the target.

Check out the video of Patrick performing the annual pumpkin explosion:

We all got into position by 4pm, very exciting, the ladies were monitoring our texts from the warmth of the kitchen, busy making rum cider. My nephew got a few shots off but missed, Michael came very close to bagging one, and when I was driving the UTV to pickup the hunting parties I ended up running over a small deer, but even it got away. Evidently the ladies were having quite the laugh inside as they received the updates via text messages.





Bear is here!

This guy looks like a decent size, I’ve had several people tell me its around 300 pounds. ┬áThis is him going into the fields for his nightly feast on the corn crop.

Mr Bear

Mr Bear