Guineas Moved In

Moved the guineas into their permanent quarters in the barn after installing the automatic door and a roof over the opening. Quite an upgrade from their current brooder.

Plan is to setup a small fenced in area outside the door in a few weeks and try to get them to start going out in the morning and back in when it gets dark.

Hardscape Construction has Begun

The big landscape/hardscape project has begun. Expecting a good month or even two months of disruption. New yard, sidewalks, driveway, plants and pool deck. Here are some before and after pictures from the first week.

Massive Garlic & Onion Harvest

Wife harvested the garlic and onion beds this weekend, turns out we have a TON of garlic and onions as seen in the pictures below. We built a simple drying rack in the barn and am planning to dry much of it in the dehydrator.

Rest of Flock Arrived

Purchased another 16 guinea keets to add to the three we hatched ourselves. This should end up being a nice flock to free range around the house and barn to eat insects, especially ticks. Looks like quite a mix of different colors which is nice.

Spring in Full Swing

This must be the height of Spring. Everything seems to be popping up and growing or hatching! The garden is really producing, more than we can eat. The fruit trees have a bunch of fruit and the guinea eggs finally hatched. We had a terrible hatch rate with the eggs, only 3 out of 24 but I’ve already identified a source of guinea keets to get another dozen or so from.