Everyone Must Contribute

Everyone is helping around the farm. Patty, in addition to EVERYTHING else is getting the garden ready for planting. Emily is doing the first mowing. Parents are cracking the pecan harvest from the big pecan tree next to the house, tedious work.

Virus Lockdown

Its been building and finally decided to bring my parents down to the farm for the foreseeable future. My Dad was having just too hard of a time caring for Mom and there is just no way to get additional help or consider an assisted living/memory care facility as they are all locked down not accepting new residents. This will be tough as Mom requires way more care than I ever imagined.

On an up-note, our daughter Emily is back from graduate school at Tufts (SMFA) due to the virus and will be staying here with us. She has converted the top of the barn into her art studio. Its refreshing to have her around with all of the energy and optimism she brings. Here is the beginnings of her studio.

Meet Ace

Very excited to announce that we have a new member of the family, a Black Labrador puppy we’ve named Ace. Of course he is perfect! Expect to see many pictures of him here at the farm. Mirlo, our 10yr old poodle, wasn’t quite as happy to see this newcomer. The video below is the moment he met him.