Fighting the Carpenter Bees

follow url This time of year the carpenter bees are everywhere.  In the past two years I’ve had ‘Bee Gone’ insecticide applied, but I could still see bee activity.  This year I’m going a different route by putting up traps.  After two days they seem to work pretty well, I’ve order three more so I can have them on all sides of the house.

Carpenter Bee Trap

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Guineas are Laying Eggs! The four guineas have been busy this spring.  They’ve laid a total of 23 eggs in the barn.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get the hen(s) to sit on them, in fact they laid them in random places all over the coop.  After about two weeks I took all of them and put them in an incubator, we’ll find out soon enough if they are fertile, they should hatch around the 20th of May.

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I put them all together in the barn but they refused to sit on them

enter site I put them all together in the barn but they refused to sit on them

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Stocked the Big Pond Purchased a whole load of fish from a Zetts up in West Virginia, the containers took up the entire trailer and pickup truck.  The fish included:
  • Large mouth bass
  • Blue gill
  • Yellow perch
  • Channel catfish
  • Fathead minnows
  • Crayfish
  • Shiners
  • Giant tadpoles
  • Koi
  • Large snails
  • Daphnia – water fleas Maddy & Patrick helped me spread them around the pond.  Keeping fingers crossed that they will take.

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