Chickens moved into Winter Coop Finally installed an automatic door and built out the chicken ladder and nesting boxes in the barn coop so the chickens could be moved into a warmer environment. What motivated me was the Christmas eve storm and subsequent plummeting of temperatures forecast for Christmas day. Me & Patty spent a good 45 minutes trying to capture all of the hens and get them into the new coop.

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Ice Storm & Power Outage

follow link Had a pretty decent ice storm the night before last and a subsequent power outage and lengthy Internet outage. The scenes were beautiful but reminded me that we needed a backup for our internet service. Unfortunately due to a quirk in circumstances Emily’s final critique of her semesters work had to be delayed due to lack of internet access to confer with the professors and others. While a disappointment for her, I’m sure her work will be well received. This was the impetus I needed to order an LTE router and unlimited plan to act as our internet backup when this happens again. City and suburb folks have no idea how bad/non-existant rural broadband is.