Peddle Boat!!

follow url This is going to be a blast!  I can see me and the wife lazily paddling an evening with cocktails in the cup holders. IMG_4764

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+30 acres Together with my neighbor we finally closed on the property purchase of the lot behind us. We ended up splitting it diagonally, with each of us getting roughly 30 acres.  My main motivation for the purchase was to eliminate the easement down our driveway, which had the effect that anyone could be on the property at any time and claim they were transiting the easement to the property in the back.

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Buy Diazepam Legally Below is a picture of Michael and my nephew Kevin removing approximately 1,900 ft of t-post fence that used to separate our properties.  Took them 2 days, but they did a good job.  We then opened up a path so we can directly access the center of the new property from our existing paths.

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Removing a fence line is hard work!! Removing a fence line is hard work!!

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