Old Rag Mountain Hike

Nothing like a hike up Old Rag mountain to focus the mind! Haven’t done it in probably 4 years, but Patrick encouraged us and up we went. This was the first time for Patty, she was a little surprised when we got to the part where you have to pull yourself up through crevices and crawl through small openings. It was a great day to be outside with Patty and Patrick.

COVID note: We passed NUMEROUS crazy people that appeared to be wearing their mask full time in the middle of no where on the trail with no one anywhere near them. I find it sad that people believe it will help them or anyone else if no one is around! Hopefully years from now we can look back and laugh at that experience.

A few pictures from the hike.

The Gray House Approaches Completion

In these past two weeks it all seemed to come together; the road, appliances, sidewalk, grading and final painting. Very happy with the red color Patty chose for the door, it really sets off the house.

Appliances are all in now, still more to do but we are VERY close. The three propane appliances; hot water heater, stove, dryer should be operational shortly. Now to get the grass planted…

Below are various views of the house, click the picture for a full size view.

Here Comes the New Road to HQ2

Serious work began on the road to HQ2, this is all in preparation for the final loads of finished gravel/stone dust. The cement pad in the middle of the roadway is a ‘spillway’ for the large volume of water that flows out of the field on a heavy rain.